A new resource for you: the colours through the seasons


I'm so often asked for actual, visual examples of how the colours change throughout the seasonal personalities. And I get it, it can be so confusing. So many schools of thought, so many different approaches! Some describe cool colours as being blues, whilst warm might be oranges. Whereas in this school of thought, you have warm tones and cool tones of every single hue, it's just about picking the right one to match in with your season.



An example...

So let's say you decide you'd like a turquoise in your palette; you just need to find the right tone of turquoise for your season.

If your business is spring, you'll be looking for a soft, warm colour with clarity. It'll pop with life, energy and personality. A summer turquoise will also be soft and delicate, but it'll have a hint of coolness about it, a grey undertone. It'll feel classy, elegant and slow. An autumn turquoise will be warm, intense and muted. It'll feel substantial - even at a paler tone - and it'll feel rich, earthy and solid. A winter turquoise might be icy, it could be super saturated. Either way, it's going to be cool, clear and intense. It'll feel luxurious, sophisticated, confident.

The best way to do this is to work through a Pantone chips book (you can buy online or if you're lucky, second hand on an auction site) and literally pull out the chips that feel vaguely right. Even after almost ten years of doing this I still need to put the chips side by side to spot which ones fit with the season and which ones don't. Use natural light and take your time.

To help you visualise how the colours change throughout the seasons I've put together a selection that I feel illustrates each nicely. The changes are subtle but I hope you'll see how the seasonal palettes 'feel'.

You can download the resource on the downloads page. You'll need to log in if you haven't already, with the password that was sent to you when you signed up to the list, but once you've done that, you'll have access to a wealth of resources I've created to help you style your brand. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you'd like some more background on picking colours, take a look at this post for much more detail.