A new resource for you and farewell for the summer!


Have you ever looked at a piece of design work and thought "I just don't know if it's right"? Objectively evaluating your designer's work can be tricky. Reviewing your own work is often a hundred times harder! The key is to stay focused. Focused on what you set out to achieve. Focused on whether what you have in front of you reflects that. And focused on your own, emotive reactions.


As part of my collection of free resources to work alongside How to Style Your Brand, I've created one more resource for you: the Evaluating Creative Work ChecklistYou'll find it here and the aim is to help you objectively review your new brand identity and work out what's working, what's not and why so that you can move forwards with confidence.

Remember, you'll need to use the password you received when you subscribed to The Brand Stylist list to access all of the downloads. You'll have had this emailed to you, so please check your inbox and spam filters first. Can't find it? The fastest way to get a new password is to resubscribe to the list. 

How are you styling your brand?

It's been so inspiring to see you plotting, planning and perking up your brand identities. When we return back in September I'd love to do a post featuring how you're styling your brand with the help of my book. If you're midway through or even finished your project please do share! You can link your blog posts to my Facebook page or simply tag your instagram progress #thebrandstylistbook and copy me in @thebrand_stylist. I'll be sharing my favourites.

I actually can't believe that the book is still number one! Thank you!!! Amazon have found many of the books they lost in the states so if you're hoping to get your hands on a copy you should be in luck!

Thank you to all of you that have written a review. I still have to pinch myself at each and every one, you're an author's dream! If you've bought a copy of the book, I'd be so appreciative if you'd leave an honest review. It does make such a difference. Here's the link to the UK page and here's the US listing. By the way, if you're looking to purchase from further afield, the most cost effective shipping method is direct from my distributor, YPD Books who will deliver down under and all over the place for around £4.95.

Over and out (almost...)

evaluating creative work the brand stylist-3
evaluating creative work the brand stylist-3

The children break up from school this afternoon, so that's pretty much me done here for the summer. If you are off to Paperfest on Friday so I shall look forward to meeting up then.

I'm looking forward to six, lovely weeks of days out with the children, crafty adventures and let's be honest, a little scrapping, boredom and whining along the way! I've (almost) finished my July client projects and so I've cleared my desk until mid-September at the earliest so I can just gain some clarity again and also focus family-wards.

I'll be checking my emails weekly and I'm much more laid back about what 'taking the summer off' means this year. Those of you that were around last year will know that I found the whole thing took quite some adjusting to! This year I won't be doing any client work over the summer holidays but if I get five minutes I may work on some of my own projects. That third book is just itching to be written down. I've mapped out a lot in my head but the structure needs working on properly. And my consulting website is well overdue a revamp so you might just see a new website pop up over the summer!

We also have camping trips planned, a nature holiday with the grandparents, a trip to the Dordogne in France and a surprise for the children closer to Paris (shhhhh!).

Whatever you do I hope you have a marvellous summer and I look forward to catching up in September.