A better way of doing business


Over the past few months I've been working really, really hard on my next book. It's meant that posts on this blog have been fewer and farther between than I'd like, but creating a book is such a massive undertaking that I've had to just focus my energy on doing one thing really well rather than spreading myself too thinly. Those of you that have been following along via Instagram will have seen that we've closed the call for submissions and undertaken two photoshoots. I've flat planned, I've started the design work (so pleased with how it's looking) and I'm thrilled to say it's all finally coming into focus.

It's a strange thing, writing a book, because one thing I've learned in my very short authoring career (this will be my third book) is that however much of an idea you have when you start out writing, the book will become what it wants to become. I always start writing with total focus: with a clear reader in mind, and with a clear set of objectives, but I never really and truly know what the book is about until it's finished.

I still can't tell you exactly what the #brandstylistbook2 will be about, but it is a follow up (and more) to How to Style Your Brand. And the more I write, refine and edit, the more I see one very clear theme coming through. That getting your branding right is about more than having a nice set of business cards or a wow-y homepage. It's about opening doors to a better way of doing business.


It sometimes feels like wherever you look, there's a tidal wave of entrepreneurs hustling away like it's some sort of badge of honour. As though fighting for work, competing on price and persuading people to take you seriously is part of running a business.

There is no rule that says running a business needs to be a slog. There's no reason that working more hours than your body can take is the only way of building a successful company. You don't need to be all things to all people, take on every piece of work that comes your way or be crippled by competition.

The hustle is not real. At least, it doesn't need to be.

When I posted this to my Instagram a few weeks back the response was overwhelming. In fact, I've never had a post more commented on, so I decided it was time to share it with you guys here.

Create a business that works for you. Create a brand that opens doors, feeds your creativity and helps you achieve your ambition. Focus on what you do best and put yourself in a category of one. No one can do what you do quite like you, so celebrate it. Stop competing with everyone else. Stop hustling.

Find that thing that you do better than anyone else. Nurture it, celebrate it and let it shine through everything you do. Hold your head up high and own your space. You've totally got this.