An insight into Brand Brilliance


It's all getting rather real now! On Monday I had 250 books delivered to my house ready to sign, wrap, box and pack for those of you who have ordered the limited edition gift packs and signed copies. Oh, and on that note... Thank you. Wow. We have sold out of gift boxes which is just incredible, so thank you. Everything is looking quite lovely and I'll be writing a post very soon on the design of the special edition boxes and all the elements you can expect to find inside as it's been quite the whirlwind and none of it would have been possible without some amazing designers and printers who deserve some credit.

The boxes themselves will be arriving with me this week so you can expect me to be mailing towards the middle to end of next week and my aim is that they are with you by the 8th May for those of you that are in the UK. It may take the mail a little longer for those of you further afield but they are on the way and I'm so excited to get the books to you.

I realise that in my gushing enthusiasm I may have neglected to explain to you just how different the two books are. Trust me when I say that they are very different. Sure, they both have 'brand' in the title but whereas How to Style your Brand focuses on making smart choices about your brand identity, in Brand Brilliance you'll unlock a whole world of possibilities.

I hope I explain a little more eloquently below...

How is Brand Brilliance different from How to Style your Brand?

Both books are beautifully photographed, full colour and written in my trademark practical, clear and easy-to-implement style, but as you’ll discover once you read them both, they are very different in terms of content.

My focus for How to Style your Brand was about giving you the tools and confidence to create or commission a brand identity that would win you work. The planning section at the beginning got you to think about how that might need to look and feel, the job it would need to do and the impression you’d want to create. And the book was dedicated to helping you unlock some of the mystery behind brand identity and design so that you could make better choices and create a more intentional impression with your business,

Brand Brilliance takes things way back and way forwards. We focus on your brand as a whole: and that starts with thinking about running your business in a way that works for you. We’ll explore some powerful questions and prompts and you’ll discover how to create a brand that plays to your strengths, feeds your ambition and puts you in a category of one.

How to Style your Brand fits beautifully in at this point. Once you understand what sort of business you want to create, you can style your brand to get you to where you want to be. Next, it’s time to pick back up Brand Brilliance and ensure that all of those good intentions are followed through. In your photography, styling choices and the way you write your copy. It’s about creating a website that works and creating collateral that takes you beyond brilliant into a league of your own.

Do I need to buy both books?

I’d love to think so! Brand Brilliance will help you get your brand in the right place holistically.  And it’s an incredibly useful workbook too for when it comes to making sure you win as much of the right work.

How to Style your Brand fits neatly into the middle. Once you know how you want your business to come across and the sort of work you want to be winning, How to Style your Brand walks you through the process of well, styling your brand, in a really comprehensive and powerful way.

Each book has a very different purpose and I know they’ll both add tons of value to your business.