Behind the scenes on the Brand Clarity Workshop


Now that I’ve introduced you to the latest online course in The Brand Stylist Academy, how about we take a look behind the scenes at the photo and video shoot?

It was actually waaaaay back in early September when we shot this. Around the time when there was plenty of lovely bright light and my hair was still long…


When I’m shooting for an online course, I always have Duncan and Katie come on the same day to shoot the video and photography respectively.

This approach does put certain restrictions on us: Katie’s not allowed to shoot anything while we’re recording the video in case of errant clicks on the sound. But I think the upside is worth it as it allows for complete continuity in the styling and content. Most importantly, it also creates a brilliant energy and means that I don’t need to pose for photographs.

I hate posing for photographs. I’d much rather Katie catch me in the middle of chatting, which is exactly what she does on shoot days and at workshops.

This image really stresses me out (below) because it feels like the opposite of clarity. It’s messy, cluttered and not the sort of mind I want to have. The images need to feel light, clean and clear which is basically reflective of how you’ll feel when you’ve taken the course. Nice, hey?

So this one (below) has all the hallmarks of the sort of image I love. It’s bright, light, clean and clear. Gorgeous.

The shot list

Shoot days are always frantic affairs. And I always, always have more to shoot than we have the time or resources for, so to keep us on track, I always produce a shot list. This was the video one, and I kept it really simple this time: the title of the video, the main points we need to cover and any visual notes for cutaway shots or props I needed to prepare.

Styling the room is one of my great pleasures and this workshop was no different. I love that each of my classes has a totally different vibe thanks to the flowers and mood boards on the walls. I mean, you guys can probably tell it’s the same room, but I do think each class feels distinctive from the other.

Being Brand Clarity, the colours had to be blue and white. That would have been super easy in spring. Annoyingly for me, it was autumn, and so the flower shop was awash with purples, oranges and yellows. Beautiful but not what I was looking for! A quick scour around my garden and a panicked phonemail to Duncan meant that we managed to pull together a very respectable selection in the end. Phew!


How fabulous are Duncan’s superman headphones? What we’re actually doing here is talking about Muses, or Customer Archetypes, and the importance of really evocative, powerful and realistic profiles that help you captivate and compel your clients to do business with you. I’ve devoted an entire chapter to this to make sure I give you the most comprehensive and powerful tools to create your best muses yet.

The all-important refuel

We live in the countryside so popping out for lunch is not easy to do. Instead, I prefer to create something simple, hearty and, of course, beautiful that will sustain us through to the end of the shoot. This time it was a delicious cheeseboard, slow-cooked ham hock with cannellini beans (super easy) and a gorgeous gluten free chocolate and beetroot cake for pud.

All in all, it was a phenomenal, if slightly exhausting day and the visuals both Katie and Duncan captured were fabulous! They really do bring the course to life and make it a pleasure to work through. I’m already looking forward to creating the next course and styling the next shoot in Spring!