'My Brilliant Brand' Insta Challenge

I'll be honest. I have very mixed feelings about the start of this term. 

The stark realisation that I no longer have a toddler at home hit me hard this summer holidays. Our three children are growing up at an alarmingly fast rate (our eldest starts her GCSE's this year) and this summer was an opportunity to just press pause on all the craziness of our term time schedules and spend some proper time together.

We had such adventures. We saw incredible things in faraway places. The dramatic coastline of Big Sur, the ancient sequoia trees and epic landscapes of Kings Canyon national park. Chipmunks, beavers and elephant seals. The sheer eccentricity and excess at Hearst Castle and the exquisite beauty of a sunset falling across Laguna Beach. 

The Brand Stylist in California-3.jpg
The Brand Stylist in California-13.jpg
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The Brand Stylist in California-20.jpg

It wasn't all high drama. We took pleasure in the simple things closer to home. In catching fish with nets in the cool, clear waters of the River Avon. In making pasta and teeny tiny meatballs by hand. In picking blackberries for crumble, making peach ice cream and gathering elderberries.

Most of all, and let's be honest, it was at most, most of the time, we got along. There was very little shouting, almost no morning wake-up alarms and very few cross words. I just don't want all that to end. I know I'll miss them dreadfully when they are at school and most of all, I'll miss the headspace to just listen to everything they have to say.

I adore Autumn. It's my favourite season. The crisp mornings, the jumpers, the crumbles, the stews! The long walks followed by hot chocolate. The return to routine. The books. The boots. The tights and the blankets. All of this will be embraced enthusiastically in time, but for now, I'm not yet feeling it.

If you, like me, haven't been totally skipping back to work this September, I've created an Instagram challenge that I hope will get us all back on track.


The My Brilliant Brand Instagram Challenge

The My Brilliant Brand Challenge is designed to get you to reconnect with everything you love about running your business. I want to help you rediscover your confidence in what you do, help you find a little clarity in your brand and link up with other inspirational entrepreneurs through the process. I also want to give you an opportunity and the permission to share with a passion and enthusiasm everything you do so brilliantly within your business and gain more work in the process.

For many of us, this term is our busiest and most profitable of the year. Let's get you started out on the right foot with a little focus and the chance to big up your brand.



How to join in the fun

Taking part in the challenge is really simple. Each day I've created a prompt that I hope will inspire you to share something brilliant about your business.

Starting Monday, you'll post one image and caption a day into your Instagram feed. Make sure you tag me (@thebrand_stylist) so I can find it, and use the hashtag #mybrilliantbrand so that everyone else in the challenge can find it too.

Every day I'll be recording a story with a few pointers to help you focus on the day's prompt and I'll also be sharing some of my favourite entries. You might also like to use your Stories to expand a little more on the prompt so that you can engage your followers more in your brand story. It's totally up to you.

The challenge runs from Monday to Friday 10-14 and 17-21 September. Weekends are always a social media free zone for me, so we'll be taking a break then. If you're a little late to the party, that's fine! Just post a couple in a day until you catch up with us.

You can download a prompt sheet right here if you'd like to see, you can even pre-load everything in to a scheduling app like Later, if you like to plan ahead. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you post and sharing with the community.


The challenge starts this Monday, 10 September so let's get those creative juices flowing and make the most of one of the very best times of the year. Can't wait to see you there!

Images of California, yours truly. Bottom 3 images by Cecelina Tornberg for The Brand Stylist Creative Flair workshop.