Which book first?

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I'm so often asked which of my two books to buy and I cannot believe that this post has taken me a year to write. I'm a bit mortified really... Now we've got that out of the way, let's get down to the business in hand.

Which of my books would I recommend to someone ready to brand their business? I guess that as an author and publisher, it's entirely predictable that I'm going to say you should buy both. That's genuinely not because I want to sell books. It's because if you're serious about branding your business well, then you need them both.

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Start with Brand Brilliance

So where to start? Without question, I would recommend you start with Brand Brilliance. I know that Brand Brilliance was a sequel to How to Style your Brand, but actually, it's kind of a prequel too, and if you'd like to know more about that, do take a look at my launch party interview to discover more.

Brand Brilliance will help you get your strategy right before you move on to creating a beautiful brand. It'll help you find your niche, attract the right clients and create marketing materials that really, really work.

Start with Part One of Brand Brilliance, Brand Clarity, and use it to work out precisely how to find your space, define your magic and put your business in a category of one. It'll challenge you to think bigger about what's possible, let go of what's holding you back and create a business that really works for you.

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How to Style your Brand comes once you have clarity

Once you have true focus and clarity, not just about how you'd like your brand to look, but what truly makes you different in the market and the message you'd like to share with the world, it's time to pick up How to Style your Brand. This book will guide you through the process of styling your brand with flair and intention.

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In How to Style your Brand you'll learn all about colour psychology, creating a clear vision and the power of type. You'll discover what it takes to create a credible brand identity, how to work productively with a designer and how to build a brand identity that will last. We look at illustrative styles, pattern and texture and the nuances of building a brand identity that sets the right tone for your business.

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Back to Brand Brilliance to get the word out

Once your brand is beautifully styled, pick up Brand Brilliance again to work through the second part of the book, which will show you how to take your focus and your gorgeous brand identity and create marketing materials that really work.

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One of my favourite sections in the middle of Brand Brilliance is the Absolute Essentials for Modern Marketers, which covers all the fundamentals you'll need to market your business. We cover design for go-getters, how to write powerful copy without resorting to lead-gen (hot topic) and how to style and shoot your photography to support your brand message.

In Chapter Six, Beyond Brilliant, we look at the tools you can use to elevate your brand, captivate your clients and really get your marketing materials working for you. I'll show you how to craft a website that generates sales, create powerful proposals, brilliant client presentations and media kits and services PDF's that'll streamline your sales process and elevate your brand in the process. If you implement all of that, you can say goodbye to lead-gen for good.

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If you buy both books, you'll be looking at an overall business investment of around £45 which is an absolute steal given the value within and the impact they'll have on your company.

Whatever stage you're at with your business, I've written both books to complement each other and give you the tools to confidently create a brand that feeds your ambition, unlocks opportunities and create a business that really works for you. I wish you all the luck with your company and I hope you enjoy working through my books and resources.