Save the date for The Brand Stylist Retreat 2019


Well hello again! This morning is feeling very sparkly and exciting because not only have I seen some sneak peeks of the Creative Flair workshop photos, which look gorgeous but also because it's almost time to launch The Brand Stylist Retreat 2019.

I remember mentioning something about it on Instagram last year and someone said 'you'll get a stampede' and I was thinking 'yeah, right'. Well, they were right. We sold out within 48 hours, I had the hotel release more places and within 72 hours we were fully booked.

Mind. Blown.

This year I genuinely have no idea what sort of timescale we are looking at, but what I do know is that as my third retreat, this one is going to be my best yet. I cannot wait!


Bookings will open on Wednesday 27 June and I highly recommend you start checking logistics now if you'd like to join us. I don't want to tempt fate, but these places are highly sought after and I promise you the most incredible experience.

the brand stylist retreat

17-20 June 2019, Cal Reiet, Santanyi, Mallorca

Bookings open Wednesday 27 June.

I will never forget this. Thank you.
— Anastasia Buckley, The Identite Collective

Having run two retreats as well as more workshops over the past four years than I care to count, I've developed a pretty strong understanding of the value I uniquely add and also what sort of an experience I want to create for guests of The Brand Stylist.

The retreat is something I look forward to all year. It's my biggest event and I love every moment of it: from the preparation to the time away with our guests to beyond. My events are known for being game-changing, inspirational and uplifting and it's with that in mind, that I'm planning the very best retreat I can for 2019.

this week was so special, words can’t describe!
— Nicola Wilkes

As you'll be booking this almost a year in advance, it's pretty impossible to know precisely what you'll need for your unique business.

I remember having a conversation with one of the lovely guests early autumn last year. She was worried that we'd spend all our time mood-boarding and as she'd just had her brand identity 'done' was concerned that lots of the time wouldn't be well spent.

As it happened, we didn't have plans to mood board this year, but ironically, by the time May came around, she was ready to launch a new brand and could've really used some time to craft a powerful vision for her brand and create a mood board.

That got me thinking. If this is an event that's going to sell a year ahead, I have to make sure that I allow for enough flexibility in the programme for wherever you're at with your unique business.


None of us can truly know what our plans will be this time next year, but what we can be certain of is that we never have enough time to work on our business. And so that, in a nutshell, is the plan.

An inspirational escape for entrepreneurs to be inspired, elevate and create.

I want to create an environment that'll allow you to work on whatever you need to elevate your brand. That might be a new brand identity, a website or a new product offering. It may be more granular: rewriting your about page, creating a media kit or rethinking how you present your work to your clients. Perhaps it's about thinking a little bigger, building the most incredible client experience or creating a new name for your company.

Whatever you need, you'll have the time, the space and the guidance to work on it.

An inspirational escape for entrepreneurs

An energising yoga session and nourishing breakfast will set us up beautifully for a productive day ahead. We'll begin with an inspirational, energising and informative session centred: Elevate your Brand, Raise your Game or Captivate your Clients: each of these will be covered across the three days. 

From there we'll break out for you to work on whatever you need to. Caz Harrison, the wonderful designer and entrepreneur and myself will be on hand to offer a little discerning guidance or a supportive challenge as you work on whatever you need to. 


I'll run several impromptu small-group sessions that'll be guided by what your needs are. I can imagine this might be on colour psychology, finding your creative style, brand clarity or mood boarding, for example. I'll be led by what you guys need.

We'll come back together to share progress before making full use of the pool, treatments and those gorgeous gardens.

Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to dig out your most fabulous shoes and share stories with newfound friends. We'll be carving out time for the now-legendary market trip and making sure you see something of what this beautiful island has to offer. It's going to be incredible! I do hope you can join us.

I’ve never gotten so much out of one event
— Gemm Hutchinson, Newton and the Apple


Bookings open on Wednesday

Ok lovelies, here's how it'll work. Bookings will open at 10.30am on Wednesday 27 June and this year there are just 18 places available. I've opened up more single-occupancy rooms (the most sought after) and there are just four shared rooms (eight places in total).

As last year, you'll have the option to pay in full or over ten months. Pricing and full details will be on the website on Wednesday.

I'll hold back six places until 2pm to give my lovely friends over the pond a fair shot at bagging a place. I think that's everything for now. The web page will be live on Wednesday and give you everything you need to know and those of you on my newsletter list will be notified once it's live.