'Amazing, inspiring, uplifting...' Notes from the Creative Flair Workshop


I know I always say this, but I am so very excited to share the notes from the Creative Flair workshop in Yorkshire with you today. I know we're kind of hurtling towards the end of term and given the general manic ness of my week, let alone yours, I was wondering whether to save this post for September. When you see the pictures, I think you'll see why I had to share right now. Aren't they just so wonderfully summery?

Can I let you in on a secret? This blog post has been sat here quietly for a couple of weeks, with all of Cecelina's gorgeous images dropped into place, while I've been manically designing a book for a friend and getting the Naming Masterclass finalised. I do think it was mostly a lack of time that held this up, but I also just haven't been able to find the words to do this workshop justice.

The pictures, and the thoughts from those who joined us, will tell the story of this event far more eloquently than I ever could, but I'm going to try anyway. 

A totally life changing two days.
— Louise Maidment

The premise of Creative Flair was really simple. It's all about finding, owning and celebrating your creative style. It's about using that focus to attract the right clients, boost your confidence and produce your very best work, each and every time. It's something I've had at the back of my mind for so long and I was really happy to finally be able to bring it to life. We all had such an incredible two days.

Just what I needed to put things into perspective and think differently.
— Lucy Darbishire

This workshop was really special for a few reasons. First of all, it was at the most beautiful venue, Middleton Lodge in Yorkshire. This place means so much to our family and it was also utterly enchanting. The service was brilliant, the gardens abundant with beautiful blooms and the light just flooded in through the newly built Fig House. It really did provide the perfect backdrop for our time together.

Secondly, the topic was something I'd been wanting to run a workshop on ever since our very first Social Media for Florists workshop back in 2014. I passionately believe in the power of finding and owning your creative style and it was so exciting to be able to hold an event that would give these creative entrepreneurs the power to do this, and more.

Finally, on a personal level, it was really empowering for me to run a workshop on my own, and do it really well.

I adore collaborating with others. I get so much energy and inspiration from working with those who are brilliant at what they do. I also know that I often let this overshadow what I do brilliantly.

This workshop reminded me of what inspires me, what I do uniquely well and that I am capable of so much when I just believe in myself. I don't want to get maudlin, but I do want to say that I found the whole experience immensely inspirational and each and every one of the students played a huge role in that.

Uplifting, beautiful, inspiring, meaningful
— Laura Turner, Hero

We had a wonderful group of students. Photographers, interior and garden designers, brand stylists, graphic designers and web designers. We also had a decluttering coach, a retailer and an author. Those ladies with non-visual businesses certainly kept me on my toes (!), especially since many of the sessions I'd planned for the first day involved working through (visual) portfolios. Thankfully with a little energy and thought from both sides, we managed to translate all of the visual focus across to finding their unique magic which is just as powerful.

The encouragement that I am capable of creating the way of working I dream of
— Sarah Layton, Growthfully

I guess my message throughout the two days was very much focused around creating a business that plays to your strengths, feeds your ambition and builds your confidence. It was about putting the energy into creating brilliant work, taking on clients who adore your style and will invest in your unique talents. It was about letting your passion for your work and your unique view of the world enchant your audience rather than distracting yourself and your clients with marketing strategies that just don't feel right or set you up for a positive experience.

After doing graphic design for so long it was just what I needed to get me back on track, to what is truly me.
— Catherine Livsey
It flipped a little creative switch in my brain and I’ve got such new passion for all my work
— Annemarie King

We explored the importance of maintaining your inspiration. Of building up your skillset and being the very best in your field: whatever that looks like. And if that sounds scary, it's not meant to. It's more about putting yourself in a category of one and doing the best work you possibly can and loving what you do; rather than taking on the industry giants and terrifying yourself in the process.

Everything has fallen into place for me and I’m super clear about what I’m going to be doing with my business now
— Louise Maidment

The group was just lovely. I think one of the wonderful things about hosting a two-day workshop is that you get to go really in-depth. Everyone gets a chance to bond, share thoughts over supper and form lasting friendships. Middleton Lodge was just gorgeous. I wish it wasn't four hours from me, but honestly, I was so inspired that I literally flew down that motorway on the journey home.

I'll be running another workshop there next May and I promise you, it's definitely worth the trip. In the meantime, if you'd like to join us near London this autumn, I'll be running another Creative Flair workshop at Beaverbrook, in Surrey on 28-29 November. Full details on this page

I understand more and more what you taught us - that’s it’s much easier to win business when you show clients who you are, when you showcase your unique creativity and make yourself the obvious choice for them.
— Annemarie King