'Pure inspiration on every level' Notes from The Brand Stylist Retreat, May 2018


Hello lovelies! How are you? I am so excited to be able to share an insight into this year's Brand Stylist Retreat in Mallorca. When Cecelina emailed me these images last week they blew my mind. I was immediately transported back to a truly magical four days and I know they'll give you the smallest glimpse into the experience we had in Mallorca.

It's really hard to do such an immersive retreat justice and I'm feeling more than a little lost for words. Instead, how about we enjoy these glorious images and I'll talk you through some of the highlights? 


Once again, Cal Reiet proved to be the most perfect setting. There's something quite indescribable about the feeling you get as you approach, and I talk about that with owners Petra and Henning Bensland in my podcast. I think it's more than that. It's the level of service, the commitment to excellence and of course, the beautiful gardens and rooms that make this the ultimate place to switch off and think clearly.

I think it was Anna Schmidt who described this place as 'a cocoon' and it was only when I left Santanyi for the second leg of our Mallorcan trip and spent a week with the family in Capdepera I fully appreciated quite what a special place Cal Reiet is. The verdant walled gardens, the attention of the staff, the nourishing food, the yoga, the compassionate treatments really do create such a special feeling. 


the team

This year we were a group of 21 plus hosts with a group of incredibly talented entrepreneurs from around the world: Uruguay, Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas and Washington as well as all over the UK and Europe. Running an event on this scale isn't something you can do alone, so I was thrilled that my lovely friend Elizabeth was able to join us and also the fabulous Cecelina, who took all of these gorgeous images.

Excuse the pic - this one was shot by me...

Excuse the pic - this one was shot by me...

Elizabeth specialises in empowering entrepreneurs, so whilst my focus was very much on the brand, hers was in supporting the entrepreneurs themselves. Helping them make congruent decisions and feeling a deep confidence in their own abilities as business owners. It was emotional, powerful stuff and I know each guest got so much from working with her. 

Pure inspiration on every level
— Nicola Wilkes


the workshop sessions

Daytime sessions were intensive, inspirational and empowering. Both Elizabeth and I worked our guests really hard in each workshop which meant that incredible transformations and clarity could take place. Of course, there's no point in being in paradise unless you actually get to relax and soak up that gorgeous sunshine, so I made sure there were lots of opportunities for downtime. To reflect, relax and recharge. 

Oh, and by the way, don't be fooled by that image of Elizabeth in a hammock. I don't think my lovely friend stopped for more than a minute the entire retreat! She gave so much to these incredible women and I know her work will have a long-lasting impact.

I think the best word to describe how I am feeling is ‘invigorated’. My brain is fit to burst with a whole new vision that is growing for my business and life.
— Gemma Atkinson, Newton and the Apple

My sessions were very much focused around elevating your brand and enchanting your audience. On day one, we kicked off with my Be Brilliant masterclass, which was all about creating a destination brand. It was an overview of a much more elegant way of doing business: pull rather than push marketing. It was about finding the magic within your brand and communicating that with flair.  

Such an amazing and clarifying retreat for all 20-something of us women from around the world.
— hilary hartling

I wanted to give my guests the tools to truly create businesses that work for them, and Captivate your Clients and Raise your Game were designed to do just that. We explored, step-by-step the ways you can elevate your offering, do your best work and build a powerful rapport with your clients that builds your confidence and enables you to create a sustainable and rewarding business.


time and space to be

We live in a crazy world. One where every moment can be filled with social media, work, friends and family. Sometimes it's hard to think clearly. To put ourselves first and to connect with what we really want. Morning yoga both stretched our bodies and reminded us of the importance of taking care of ourselves. 


and in the evening...

Over dinner we chatted, we laughed, we bonded and we toasted. The food at Cal Reiet is a real highlight for me: vegetarian, wholesome and delicious. Creative, thoughtfully prepared and really inspirational. I think we all left feeling so healthy and nourished.

Of course, that healthiness was countered in part with a little Cava and some local wines to toast our work each day. Essential I think!

Coming away from @thebrand_stylist retreat with a renewed sense of clarity, purpose + vitality. In absolute buckets.
— Antonia Taylor

I loved how we all enjoyed having fun with our outfits. Oh, and so many fabulous shoes...


There was a lot of laughter.

It was emotional, for sure, but the laughter, camaraderie and support between each of these entrepreneurs was an utter inspiration. I love that so many have formed firm friendships from this shared experience and are already planning future meet-ups. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely business. To meet people who share your values and understand the highs and lows of what being a successful business owner looks like is so important.

Heavenly food, inspirational business and creative thinking and the beginning of friendship.
— Lisa Mitchell, Interior Style Studio

Raise your Game, Captivate your Clients, Be Brilliant: profound impact!
— Rebecca Morley
The most perfect four days.
— Kate Fletcher, Vintage Style Living

a trip to the market

Santanyi market is renowned as being one of the best on the island, and I wanted my guests to experience as much of the island as possible whilst they were with us. Cal Reiet is the sort of place you never want to leave, but on Wednesdays and Saturdays the sleepy artists' village thrums with activity.

Hundreds of stallholders fill the winding streets around the church tempting you with all manner of local and artisan produce as well as Indian wood-blocked textiles, beautiful clothes and what I can only describe as 'snake-charmer' baskets. And while I snatched a moment of calm in a hammock, our guests enjoyed exploring, shopping and photographing before heading back to begin our sessions.


a trip to Cala Figuera

Inspiration  is something that's at the heart of everything I do. It's always at the forefront of my mind when I'm planning a workshop, and the retreat was no exception. I wanted to not only make sure that the guests had the opportunity to think big about where their businesses were headed, but also that they reconnected with their creativity and got to see something of the island.

Chikae Okishima-Howland jetted in to talk all things travel photography and the simple art of slowing down. Doing more with less and living intentionally.

The Brand Stylist has clarified my business so deeply it feels as clear as this Mediterranean sea.
— Anastasia Buckley, The Identite Collective

Leaving was bittersweet. I'd got to know and adore each and every one of the women on the retreat and was so sad when our time was at an end. We'd gathered together an incredible collective of talented, visionary and empowered entrepreneurs and I was so inspired by their ambition, passion for what they do and their sheer awesomeness.  

I'm so excited to see what's next for all of them over the next twelve months and am really looking forward to following their progress. This retreat has set them up for incredible things and I'm excited to see what unfolds. So here's a big cheers to the class of 2018. An magnificent group of brilliant entrepreneurs just poised to achieve amazing things. 

fancy joining us next year?

If you'd like to join us in 2019, please save the date: 17-20 June 2019. We'll be back at Cal Reiet again and I am really, really excited about my vision for next year, I think you're going to love it! I'm finalising details right now and bookings will open towards the end of the month. Sign up to the newsletter to be the first to hear and keep your eyes on my Instagram: last year we sold out within 72 hours. I'd hate for you to miss out... 

Game changing. This will change my life...
— Rebecca Morley