In Conversation with Saima Khan of The Hampstead Kitchen

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As far as first clients go, it’s fair to say that banker turned high end private chef and philanthropist Saima Khan lucked out. When Bill and Melinda Gates turned up for dinner at the invitation of Saima’s ex boss turned mentor, Warren Buffet, it was to be the start of an exciting new career. But it was Saima’s creative and unusual approach that helped her stand out and make her mark on the industry.

I walk into the room and see people like Clinton, The Obamas, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg... I couldn’t talk! And they were like, don’t worry, we love your food! ... I realised that visually, this was completely different to what these guys expect and this was really unusual.
— Saima Khan, The Hampstead Kitchen
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The Hampstead Kitchen caters for high profile (and plenty of less well-known) clients in London and around the world. Saima spotted a gap in the market for colourful, flavoursome and enchanting sharing platters and has built her business around this concept. Today she combines her highly successful catering company with her charity and philanthropic work. Many of her staff are refugees and ex offenders. And she’s just as happy cooking in the jungle in Calais as she is for a private dinner in London’s most exclusive addresses.

You can’t do a fundraiser and have steak and lobster to raise funds for people in India, it just doesn’t make sense. So they started to ask me to cook for them...
— Saima Khan, The Hampstead Kitchen

Saima’s incisive vision for what her business stands for is so inspiring and I know you’ll get so much from listening to her story. Saima understands what it is to stand for something. To enchant her clients. To do what you do utterly brilliantly…

Storytelling is part of getting people on board... You need to set the scene, set the tone and be really clear as to why you’re doing this.
— Saima Khan, The Hampstead Kitchen

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