In Conversation with Ashley Jankowski

Meet Ashley Jankowski: irrepressible and highly inspirational serial entrepreneur. Founder of design firm Braizen, photography brand and template company Swoone and most recently, magnetic letters for word nerds, The Typeset Co. Ashley seems utterly unstopppable. Let’s get to know one hugely talented, enormously visionary entrepreneur on a mission.

I’ve learned that being over-scheduled is the worst thing ever. For our mental health, for our team collaboration, for the client, we’re not doing our best work...
— Ashley Jankowski, Braizen
We fire people over wanting us to do ugly stuff. Hey, if we’re not on the same page, you probably need to find someone you can art direct.
— Ashley Jankowski, Braizen

I find it really hard to write a book or run an online course without mentioning Braizen. Their work is flawless, their message highly intentional and they literally inspire at every turn. Their work features in both How to Style your Brand and Brand Brilliance and utterly gorgeous it looks too.

I caught up with Ashley to talk about their design process, working with family and how on earth she does it all!

If you’re really thinking about what you’re doing and being really intentional about it before you put pen to paper, you’re gonna have better work.
— Ashley Jankowski, Braizen

There is so much gold in this episode - Ashley’s vision, her organisational skills and her unshakeable commitment to running all of her businesses in a way that works for her and serves her clients exceptionally well. We talk about their rules of the game, gantt charts and how to keep clients on message. We talk about what’s next for Braizen and whether it’s possible to run a design firm with no clients.

You can listen to this episode here. Enjoy!

We took all the things that drive us crazy and we’re telling our clients, ‘This drives us crazy so please don’t do it!’
— Ashley Jankowski, Braizen