What does it mean to be remarkable?

What does it mean to be remarkable?

In my experience, being remarkable is what drives sustainable and meaningful growth. Being remarkable means you have a business that's worth talking about, a business worth recommending. It's infinitely more powerful than Search Engine Optimisation or pushy lead-gen copy and it means you will attract the right clients. 

You'll probably know the people who are remarkable in your industry. They have traction, they create impact, they're memorable. There's a certain buzz around what they do, you can't wait to see what they do next and they rarely seem to have any trouble attracting a steady stream of dream projects. You’ll see some of the people I find remarkable in this post.

Being remarkable opens doors. It means you can do the work that lifts you up and walk away from the clients and projects that drain you. Being remarkable means you can price well and sustainably for what you do. It allows you to work to your creative edge and brings the joy back into your business at every level. 


how to be remarkable

To be remarkable you need to be distinctive. There needs to be something that sets you apart. Something that gets people talking about you (in the best possible way). Something that makes it easy for you to get recommended to the right people.

Being remarkable is about being bold. It's about being brave, different and unique. You don't get to be remarkable by showing a little of everything in your portfolio or having an instagram feed that looks like everyone else's. You need to show something interesting, unique, cohesive and exciting.

If you sell creative services, your unique creative style is the thing that'll make you remarkable. Whether you're a photographer, wedding planner or florist; a graphic, brand, interior, garden or web designer; you'll know from experience that the very best clients to work with are the ones who adore your unique style.


As a creative entrepreneur, it's your unique vision, aesthetic and design style that will get you talked about. It's having a very clear, cohesive and compelling portfolio that will get that steady stream of dream projects in the pipeline. And it's also about your confidence. Knowing that you offer something utterly unique that your clients can't get from anyone else does amazing things for your bottom line.

In order be remarkable you need to understand your creative style and show your clients what you're capable of. You need to be inspired and stay inspired. You need clarity of vision. You need the confidence to be able to push the boundaries of your creativity and be at the leading edge of trends.

Join me in November and uncover your remarkable

The Creative Flair workshop is happening at the gorgeous Beaverbrook hotel in Surrey on 28-29 November and has been designed to give you the tools you need to be remarkable. There are just a handful of places left and I'd love to see you there. This workshop will enable you to uncover, develop and elevate what makes your business remarkable. It’s not about doing out more of the same, it's about unlocking the potential within your business and taking your company to the next level for 2019.

It's going to be an incredible two days and I hope to see you there!