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Hello, lovely you. I'm Fiona Humberstone, The Brand Stylist, and I'm on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to create incredible brands.

I've spent almost twenty years working in this industry and along the way have seen firsthand the impact that branding can have. I've seen a weak brand getting in the way of a company reaching its' potential and I've seen the doors that open and the opportunities that are created when the right focus, vision and communication is applied. 

I passionately believe that everyone has it in them to create a business that works for them. The hustle is not real. At least, it doesn’t need to be. You’re in control. 

I'm here to help you unlock the potential within your brand. I create a range of books, workshops, online courses and retreats designed to empower you to create a business you can be truly proud to call your own.

You have this energy that gets people to believe that anything is possible.


a few of my favourite things

the brand stylist loves



I believe that there's something quite wonderful about the power of style. Easily dismissed as a mere frippery, style gives you the edge, empowers you to be seen in the way you want and elevates what you do. I'm an unashamed aesthete, I have a sharp visual mind and I take great delight in making things look beautiful, always have done. In my work I pour this energy into creating gorgeous brands and brilliant books, but it extends beyond this. I believe in the uplifting power of a swooshy dress or a pair of fabulous shoes.


Design has the power to change how people view your business and value your work. I am utterly evangelical about design and firmly believe it's a skill that every entrepreneur should master. The details matter: the curve of a typeface, the nuance in an illustrative style, the specific tone of colour or a texture. Design is a skill that can be learned and enjoyed to truly unlock the power within your brand.

light and space

Environment has a huge impact on your inspiration and vitality and that's why I go out of my way to scout the most exquisite and uplifting venues for my workshops and one to one days. I know from experience that spending time in the right space does so much more than provide Instagram fodder. It has the power to transform your vision, to lift your spirits and to really enable you to cut out the noise and focus on what really matters.


You'll find that flowers pop up a lot in my work: in my books, in my photography and at my events. They bring a room to life like nothing else and have a way of just welcoming you, like an old friend.

great food

In Persian culture, hospitality and generosity are everything. Growing up, sharing food with friends and family was a way of showing our love, connecting every day and creating special moments. Hosting is one of my favourite things to do. I have an enormous collection of cookbooks, love to bake, whether there's a special occasion or not and I always, always make delicious food a priority at my events.  


about the brand stylist

The Brand Stylist was founded by bestselling author and visionary entrepreneur Fiona Humberstone.  An exacting Creative Director and commercially minded Brand Consultant, Fiona works with smart entrepreneurs, bringing clarity and vision to every project she works on.

Fiona runs game-changing courses and retreats, both online and around the world.

How to Style your Brand was published by Fiona’s publishing imprint, Copper Beech Press, in May 2015 and has remained a number one Amazon bestseller ever since. Almost three years on, the book is now on its eighth run and continues to delight and empower entrepreneurs around the world.

Her latest book, the bestselling Brand Brilliance, was released in May 2017 and champions a better way of doing business. An alternative to the hustle. Think of it as a guide to modern marketing for visionary entrepreneurs.