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a day with the brand stylist

 An energising and inspirational day in an epic setting that will make a big impact on your business. This is your opportunity to work alongside creative catalyst and visionary thinker, Fiona Humberstone, and move forward with real clarity and confidence.

Thank you for yesterday. So inspiring and exactly what I needed.
— Kim Balasubramaniam

gain clarity, ignite your vision and bring cohesion to your offering

 There’s something quite unstoppable about an inspired entrepreneur with a clear vision. It feels as though nothing can stand in your way. And from time to time, having the insight from an experienced entrepreneur can be the catalyst you need to bring your business back on track.

A day with The Brand Stylist is designed to be just that. A day of mentoring from Brand Consultant, bestselling author and creative whirlwind, Fiona Humberstone. Add in a beautiful setting, great food and almost two decades’ experience and you have a recipe for a game-changing day.

Fiona brings an energy that
makes things happen.
— Tom Evans

This is your opportunity to gain real clarity around your brand, ignite your vision or bring some cohesion into your offering. Perhaps you’d like to brainstorm some names, finally understand what season your business should be or gain some feedback on your creative work.

Whatever your unique situation, I’m in your hands for the day. Ask me whatever you like and I’ll do my very best to help. You’ll leave feeling inspired, motivated and, I suspect, with a pretty sizeable to-do list!

a day that works for you

What we cover is really down to you and your unique needs as a business. You may wish to discuss the direction of your brand, gain some feedback on a creative project you’re working on or find some clarity in your offering.

Perhaps you’re struggling to find the ‘right’ name for your business, would love some advice on self-publishing a book or are mystified by colour psychology. We’ll work together to ensure that you have the clarity you need at the end of the day.

an epic setting for an incredible day

A Day with The Brand Stylist is held at the stunning Beaverbrook estate in Surrey. A world-class hotel just half an hour from central London, it provides the perfect base for a truly inspirational day. 

We begin our day in the light-filled morning room, lunching at your choice of the Japanese or Garden House restaurant before closing our time together with a celebratory cocktail in the Parrot Bar. 

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To find out more about A Day with The Brand Stylist please get in touch. I adore these days and look forward to hearing from you!

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