a curated list of

fifty phenomenal photographers

the 2019 edit

A wonderful resource for discovering new image makers from wedding and lifestyle to food and product.
— Yeshen Venema
I went through all 49 websites already and Fiona is right, the talent is exceptional!

a curated list of fifty phenomenal photographers

When you’re serious about creating the right impact with your brand, great photography is everything. In this beautifully illustrated, curated edit you’ll discover 50 of the magnificent photographers with a broad range of styles from around the world.

Alongside the phenomenal talent within The Edit itself, I’ve handpicked fifteen photographers that represent the sort of work I adore: The Brand Stylist Loves. You can also expect advice on Choosing a Photographer, Making the Most of the Edit and my insights into what I was looking for when making my selection.

Whether you’re planning a photoshoot and looking for new contacts, or simply ready to soak up the incredible inspiration within this talented collective of creatives, I’m certain that you’ll gain tons from the edit. I for one, will have this list by my side for every single Day with The Brand Stylist from now on - next time a client asks me which photographer I’d suggest for a shoot, I know exactly where to look!

This is a digital download so you can access right away and enjoy soaking up all the creative possibilities.

Another amazing resource.
— Kelly at Friends
50 Phenomenal Photographers
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50 Phenomenal Photographers
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frequently asked questions

if I don’t find someone, can I get a refund?

No, thank you for asking. As with all offerings from The Brand Stylist, you can expect a carefully crafted, thoughtfully presented product that offers immense value for money. In line with the industry standard for all digital offerings, this guide is non refundable.

It’s worth bearing in mind that even if you don’t commission someone directly as a result of The Edit, there is huge value in looking at the calibre, creative possibilities and sheer range of styles of those featured. It’s a hugely inspirational list and will certainly set the benchmark for when it comes to sourcing your own, local designer.

will you have someone in here local to me?

It’s really hard to say. Some of the photographers featured in here will travel but ultimately, I could only make my selection from those photographers who submitted and of course, I had no control over that. Even if you don’t find a local photographer, I’m certain that the inspiration and insights you’ll gain from my edit will be well worth the small investment for this guide.

can you recommend everyone in this guide?

Think of The Edit as an introduction to a range of phenomenal photographers who’ve caught my eye. Some, I’ve worked with before, others, I’ve discovered more recently. I’d encourage you to consider any creative carefully before you take them on for your unique project and will be bringing out a Creative Direction course shortly that will walk you through this process in detail.